Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pizza a Go Go

Word to you mother's. I hope all the mothers out there know how much they are appreciated for all they sacrifice and do every day. Today I tried to take care of my wife and minimize the amount of work that she has to do just raising 5 kids. So we went to Pizza A Go Go @ 81st and Aspen in Broken Arrow. Some may be familiar with the location since it has been known by a few other names. The walls are lined with classic band posters of The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, and even a poster for Woodstock. Pizza A Go Go offers wood fired brick oven pizza, Calzone, and cheese bread. The menu is chock full of specialty pizza's that range from a classic Hawaiian style pizza appropriately named "Hawaii Five-O" to the "Ed Sullivan" which from the description on the menu resembles more of a classic American cheeseburger than a pizza. We ordered the "Revolution" a very simple hamburger, onion, and bacon pizza with mozzarella cheese and a plain cheese pizza for the kids. We also got an order of cheesy bread to munch on while we were waiting on my mother to arrive. Now I know that cheesy bread shouldn't be very hard to make and it seems that a number of other pizza joints can't get it right, that is not the case with Pizza A Go Go. This is by far the best cheesy bread that I have ever had. A small order that only cost $3.99 is definitely the winner of value, it is cut into about 12 pieces and served with marinara and what can only be a secret recipe ranch dressing that Moses must have brought down from the mountain created by God himself. If you aren't catching what I am saying the fresh-from-scratch ranch dressing is by far the best I've ever had. we polished off the cheesy bread in record time only leaving a few crumbs and some cheese stuck to the paper it was served on(yes, I did want to eat it off the paper). The pizza comes out piping hot straight from their 1000 degree oven. The light and fluffy crust is hand tossed and crispy on the bottom and chewy throughout, the perfect base for the masterpiece to follow. Now the "Revolution" is nothing special except for the fact that it is awesome. There is something to be said for fresh ingredients and preparation that actually comes from a person caring about their craft. The "Revolution" is definitely on my list of all time favorites. The cheese pizza was a hit too with a large easily feeding my five bottom-less pits with a few slices left over. All in all I give Pizza A Go Go my "fat boy" stamp of approval and will be heading back at lunch time to grab some pizza by the slice. I Can't wait to see you there.



  1. That ranch was AWWWeEESOOMEE!! This blog made me want to go eat all the leftover pizza. :)

  2. you sold me vargas! gotta try this place!